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The Canadian based designer Roxanne Nikki started her fashion career working as an illustrator and pattern maker to later become a junior designer. In 1994, after working as a designer for a few companies, She decided to launch her own brand.

Her collections features a variety of textured fabrics in a futuristic look. She likes to play with bright and bold colors, and her signature is the glam-grunge contemporary style. 

Roxanne lived in Montreal, Paris as well as Vancouver where she now resides and  continues to hone her vision of “Modern Luxury” and “Nonstop Chic” to an ever growing international audience. She is today one of Canada’s top talents. Her collections can be found in department stores and specialty boutiques across Canada. For more information visit

“The fashion statement of today breaks all the rules. It’s no longer about following trends but rather self-expression, and the independent style consciousness of a new generation. Function and style savvy override frippery and occasion as I strive to meet my customers’ needs for lifestyle dressing, and the power of the personal statement.” Roxanne Nikki

Photo credit of Roxanne Nikki and Trend Hunter

Andrea Marques: A Promising Brazilian Designer From Rio

Brazil is known for its huge domestic fashion market concentrated to South American consumers only. This scenario has changed though. While developed countries struggle with the financial meltdown, Brazil’s economy is growing fast. Local designers that in the past were content to live in the Brazilian fashion bubble are now being noticed globally.

This is the case of the young designer from Rio de Janeiro, Andrea Marques.  Andrea is one out the top names on editors and buyers fashion radar, and has been pointed by WGSN as a Brazilian fashion designer with global potential. 

Her fashion career started in the 1990’s when she joined Maria Bonita Group in Brazil just after returning from her specialization at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Before launching her own label, Andrea worked for 15 years as the design director for Maria Bonita Extra, the contemporary line of the respected label Maria Bonita. In 2008, the designer debuted her own label at Fashion Rio. Since then, she is in the spotlight.  

Ms. Marques is known for creating a chic carioca style (carioca means people born in Rio de Janeiro) for cosmopolitan and independent women from anywhere in the world. Her silhouettes are very feminine, and many of her pieces made of fluid fabrics are famous for exploring the women sensuality.

Andrea Marques’ collection can be found at many multi-brand boutiques, and at her flagship in Rio de Janeiro.

Photos: Fotosite,,

Supporting New Fashion Talents

Some other people are also discovering and supporting new fashion talents.,, Not Just a Label, and Wonder Mode are exemple of online stores that find and support new creative designers from all over the world. The online shops are also excellent stores for innovators who like unique pieces. Here are some of our finds, but there are much more to see. works with accessories only (jewelry, bags, belts, hair accessories, and scarves). provides tools for designers to promote, to produce and to sell their products globally. Designers just need to submit their lookbooks or sketches on the website. Lookk team then select the best ones to be published on their magazine, and to be voted by the public. Lookk has become an excellent way of exposure for new talents since it is very respected among fashion professionals.

Not Just a Label follows the same concept of selling and supporting emerging designers. All items are limited edition items since its goal is also to sell individualism in fashion. also gives tools to new talents promote, sell and build their brands online. They also support fashion students offering a space where they can feature their portfolio and designs to a international audience. 

Images:,,, and

Artwork: Newardrobe

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