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Martha Medeiros: Get to know the newest imported talent from Brazil

Martha Medeiros is an emerging talent from the northeast of Brazil. She’s been in the market for over 25; however, it was only in 2004 that her unique lace designs started to be recognized by the Brazilian fashion capital, Sao Paulo.

Her trademark is the use of a rare lace, hand-maded by hundreds of artisans from small villages in Brazil. Her specialty is evening dresses made with this special lace, and other noble materials, such as silk charmeuse, French lace, German silicone boning, and Swiss crinoline. Martha pays homage to this delicate fabric by creating garments that are true art pieces.  She utilizes the most exquisite couture techniques along with hours of manual labor in order to ensure a perfect finishing.  

Last year, Medeiros started to sell made-to-measure evening gowns to the highend department store, Bergdorf Goodman. She recently presented her new collection at Minas Trend Preview - one of the most prominent fashion events in Brazil.

In the near future, Martha Medeiros will probably become a must on every red carpet event. 

Images: Martha Medeiros’s website

Aüslander from Rio

Newswear continues its tour in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to present the best local brands and designers.

Today the brand chosen was the young and fun Aüslander:

Aüslander is known for its lively runaways shows at Fashion Rio, and for reaching a younger globe-trotter crowd. Its urban and contemporary style targets open-minded and young-spiritedpeople. It is the favorite brand of local hipsters, and reminds a pricy Urban Outfitters. Still, iAüslander is a must stop in Rio if you like cool t-shirts and accessories.

*Where to find* : Shopping Leblon - Av. Afrânio de Melo Franco, 290. 3rd floor - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  Tel: +55 21 25128458 / Rio Design Barra -Avenida das Américas, 7777. 2nd floor - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Tel: + 55 21 33254349


Images: Auslander,

Andrea Marques: A Promising Brazilian Designer From Rio

Brazil is known for its huge domestic fashion market concentrated to South American consumers only. This scenario has changed though. While developed countries struggle with the financial meltdown, Brazil’s economy is growing fast. Local designers that in the past were content to live in the Brazilian fashion bubble are now being noticed globally.

This is the case of the young designer from Rio de Janeiro, Andrea Marques.  Andrea is one out the top names on editors and buyers fashion radar, and has been pointed by WGSN as a Brazilian fashion designer with global potential. 

Her fashion career started in the 1990’s when she joined Maria Bonita Group in Brazil just after returning from her specialization at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Before launching her own label, Andrea worked for 15 years as the design director for Maria Bonita Extra, the contemporary line of the respected label Maria Bonita. In 2008, the designer debuted her own label at Fashion Rio. Since then, she is in the spotlight.  

Ms. Marques is known for creating a chic carioca style (carioca means people born in Rio de Janeiro) for cosmopolitan and independent women from anywhere in the world. Her silhouettes are very feminine, and many of her pieces made of fluid fabrics are famous for exploring the women sensuality.

Andrea Marques’ collection can be found at many multi-brand boutiques, and at her flagship in Rio de Janeiro.

Photos: Fotosite,,

Get Ready for Trip to Rio: #1 Stop - Alessa

This week, we got a new name: Newswear. The blog’s new name came to refresh the idea of the blog. Now, Newswear is going to focus on what is new in fashion in terms of designer and shops. To start this new idea, I go to South America, more specifically, to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, one of the most prospective markets at the moment.

Rio de Janeiro has been retransformed since it was chosen to be the 2016 Summer Olympics’ headquarter. Because Rio de Janeiro is located in Brazil, a BRICS’ country, it is also calling the attention from many investors from all over the world.  Rio is undoubtedly one of the most promising fashion markets in Latin America. The city that in the past was known for its swimwear is now bringing new talented designers who use fashion to transmit the city’s lively lifestyle. These creative new talents from the so-called wonderful city like to play with colors and prints to communicate the city’s free and energetic people.

In the next few weeks, get ready for a trip through the colors and sensations of the “Carioca” (people born in Rio) fashion. Newswear is going through inspiring stores and designers from Rio that everyone should start to know.


Today, Newswaer brings Alessa, a cool brand developed by the designer Alessandra Migani. Alessandra, who is an advertising agent and an artist, grew up in the middle of fashion. Her grandfather, Pope, was tailor in Italy, and then in Brazil. The name of the brand came from her nickname. She is called Alessa since she was a child. The designer graduated in Industrial Design and Communication in Rio de Janeiro. She then continued her education in London at the Central St. Martins College of Art & Design. Alessa’s trademark is the combination of noble fabrics, such as silk, and prints. Her prints are very colorful and most of times bring ethnic elements. Classy and sexy dresses are always present in her collections. Her panties are also the big hit of the brand, and a huge success in Rio. Alessa likes to bring comfort to her pieces. Her collections generally bring elements from home, and are made of natural fibers, such as silk and cotton. Her style is simplistic, but innovative.

Although her brand has become a success in Brazil in the last few years, especially after her presentation in the last Fashion Rio editions, the brand is not her full time job. She still works as an art director at Ogilvy & Mather in Rio de Janeiro. I don’t know if she plans to stop working with advertising to run her business, but I believe it will happen very soon. 

Images: Newswear and Fotosite

Levi’s Opens A Neighborhood Concept Store in Sao Paulo

After a long time, here I am back to my blog. Lately, I’ve been thinking about changing the blog’s name, but I have so many business cards with this website address, so I decided to wait. I am not going to give with an excuse for my absence in the last months. I personally don’t like bloggers who do such a thing. It’s hard to update a blog when this is not your full time job, and for me, who work on the streets most of the time, it is even harder.

Anyway, anyhow, this month I saw many cool openings happening in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and I’ll be happy to hare some of them with you. 


After a long decade of fancy and large shops, retailers decided it is time to update their shops according to the consumer needs. The idea is to get the consumer closer to the brand, and make them feel the brand is a friend. How do they do this? It depends on the brand, and what they want to transmit to the public. But the main principle is to make the store more appealing to the public.


Levi’s, the classic American denim brand, recently developed a new concept shop named the neighborhood concept store. The first store was opened in Meatpacking District, New York, in 2010. This month, Levi’s brought this new concept to Sao Paulo, the fourth in the world, and the first in Latin America. The address chosen was Rua Oscar Freire, one of the most elegant shop destinations in South America. The idea of the store is to offer exclusive products, and to bring the local culture to the store. The shop located on Oscar Freire brings objects and pictures of Sao Paulo. Of course, to not lose the brand’s identity, there are some other elements, such as an American flag, and classic Levi’s denim, that remember consumer they are at a Levi’s store. The place is also called neighborhood concept because its sales associates are trained to give information about restaurants, cafes, theaters, and other places to go in the neighborhood. The idea of the store came after a research that showed consumers who do not live in the area frequently ask sales people about touristic spots close by. This research was conducted in many world capitals, including New York. Besides New York and São Paulo, Levi’s has a shop in San Francisco and another one in Malibu.  

Fotos: Levi’s Release

Diane von Furstenberg, the Luxe, and Brazil

Diane von Furstenberg was this week in Brazil for the IHT Luxury Hot conference held this year in Sao Paulo. The creator of the classic wrap-dress gave this Wednesday a seminar for fashion students at FAAP University. She talked about her life and her career path. It was a excellent source of inspiration for young students who dream in becoming successful designers or other type of fashion professionals. At the end of her speech, bloggers and students asked questions about the several topics, including questions about the Chinese fashion industry. Diane answered no one should be afraid of China. They, indeed, have an excellent market in terms of sales, and probably the best for luxury goods nowadays. She also said Brazil is country of the future, and right now we are already living in the future. Later in the afternoon, the designer presented her Resort Collection’12 at the luxury Iguatemi Shopping mall. Among its guests was members of the Sao Paulo upper class and Suzy Menkes, the fashion editor of the International Herald Tribune.

IHT Conference started this Thursday, November 10,  and was attended by other powerful fashion names, such as Mario Testino, Carolina Herrera, Sarah Burton, and Francisco Costa.

Photos & Edition: Newardrobe

Meet the Brazilian Fashion and Its Lively Fashion Rio Designers

We live in a global economy, so does fashion. For this reason and many others, we need to pay attention to the fashion in all emerging economies, such as Brazil. I am very proud of the Brazilian fashion, of course. Growing up in a place like Brazil where the fashion culture is new was great as I could see the development of the industry, especially in the last years. Many European and American designers are going to Brazil, and many Brazilian designers are being exported to all over the world.

So let’s talk about the last fashion event that happened that just ended last week, Fashion Rio. SPFW – the main fashion event – has started today, but Fashion Rio, just finished after an amazing week of talented designers showing their Spring/Summer 2012 collections. Spring/Summer is always the best shows of the years. Brazil is known for its tropical beaches and warm weather all year. Thus, summer clothes are the designers’ specialty. Famous brands and emerging designers showed the latest summer trends in the Brazilian way. Fashion in Rio is famous for its beachwear and colorful collections. Salinas, one of my favorite Brazilian beachwear brands, brought to the runaway a classy and lively line inspired in the wonderful Rio de Janeiro. Rio is also famous for its vigorous prints, and this season was no different. Labels, such as Patachou and Acquastudio presented astonishing geometric prints; while Oestúdio chose fun ways to play with prints. Ághata preferred to work with white in its collections thinking that white is not only a big trend for the summer, but it’s also an annual trend at every Brazilian New Year’s party.  Ágatha also showed amazing crochet pieces, another tradition in the Brazilian fashion. Filhas de Gaia adopted the color-block trend, and showed many sexy cut-out dresses. Maria Bonita came with a marvelous collection with lots of silk and light colors. Super romantic, as always! Cantão – oh! How I Love this brand! – brought to the runaway pieces inspired in a playground. Cantão is famous for its urban contemporary designs that are also very classy. It reminds me Club Monaco in a colorful version. To conclude, the sophisticated beachwear line, Lenny, brought creative shapes of bikinis and chic dresses that everyone will desire to have. Brazilian fashion is lively, colorful, sophisticated, and fresh. It reflects the energy of the country, and Fashion Rio definitely reflects the liveliness of the carioca (people born in Rio).


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