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See Inside Alexander McQueen’s ‘Savage Beauty’

I went to see this week Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, the exhibition about the designer at Metropolitan Museum in New York, and as I expected, it is extraordinary. There are no words to describe the talent of this designer, and his contribution to fashion. McQueen was an artist , and not only a clothing designer, who used to work on his garments like they were pieces of art. His sophisticated collections were very unique, and all of them have his tailored signature. The exhibition organized by The Costume Institute shows from his Central Saint Martins’ postgraduate collection, through his time at Givenchy, to his final runaway collection that ended up being presented only after his death. Alexander McQueen was always described as a romantic gothic that liked to break rules. He brought originality to fashion, but even breaking the rules, he always had a solid knowledge about what he was doing. As he said: “You’ve got to know the rules to break them. That’s what I’m here for, to demolish the rules but to keep the tradition.”  The visionary designer wanted to be remembered for starting a new concept of silhouette and cutting in the twenty-first century. This exhibition proves that one year and a half after his suicide his goal was achieved.  

It is sad to think that someone with such creativity and passion for work is gone. Yet, he probably came here only to break the rules in fashion, and to be part of history. As his words reproduced in the exhibit say: "It is important to look at death because it is a part of life. It is a sad thing, melancholy but romantic at the same time. It is the end of a cycle — everything has to end. The cycle of life is positive because it gives room for new things."

If you want to attend the exhibit, be prepared for a long line due to its popularity. See below details:

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty
Where: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 Fifth Ave., New York
When: Now Through July 3, 2011 
 $20 for adults, $15 for seniors (65 and older), $10 for students. Members and children younger than 12 accompanied by adult are admitted free. For more information, cal (212) 535-7710       or visit

Best Shops in Williamsburg, BK

Williamsburg, Brooklyn in NY is not only the home for hipsters, but it’s also the place from edgy designers and fashion forward boutiques. Bird and Oak are successful examples of stores that started in Williamsburg, and today are hit for fashion forward consumers.

So let’s start a tour in the Williamsburg boutiques. First stop is on 208 N 8th Street at Oak, which is in particular one of my favorite stores in New York. They have an amazing selection of designers and merchandise, and its own label - a less expensive line – has also creative and incredible pieces. The retailer is famous for its dark and gothic style, and for its different art-inspired styles a bit borderline. I see Oak as a mix of a retailer with an art gallery. They carry Alexander Wang - the new big designer in NY -, and many other brands that I love, such as Commes Des Garçon, Obesity and Speed, and Acne. You can also shop online at, but I strongly recommend a visit to one of their stores. The Manhattan and the Williamsburg store carry different products because of the different publics with tastes and styles. Yet, choose the Williamsburg store to feel its atmosphere as it is the first.

The next stop is on Grand Street. Grand St is known for having many emerging designers’ new boutiques. To start, stop at Bird. Bird is a cooler version of Barney’s Co-op. The high-end boutique that opened its doors in 2009 renovated the Williamsburg area, and changed the fashion history of the neighborhood for sure. It carries more than 50 labels very upscale and very innovative, including Acne, Alexander Wang, Comme Des Garços, Echo, Christophe Lemaire, Madewell, Paul Smith, Proenza Schouler, Rag & Bone, Rachel Comey, Thakoon, Stella McCartney, Zero + Maria Cornejo, and many many others. Just across the street is the recently opened store Life: Curated. The retailer sells the Williamsburg lifestyle at more accessible price points. I love their selection of accessories. Brands that I recommend to take a look at are Dolce Vita, Rogan, and Obesity and Speed.  Keep walking on Grand St until you get to the outlet Paul Smith’s store – a great deal for men. Paul Smith also carries a small selection for women, but it is weak compared to the men’s collection. The prices are still considerable high, even though it is a discount store. So don’t expect to find Paul Smith jeans and shirts at Urban Outfitters’ prices. Next door to Paul Smith is Pop, a small boutique with cute dresses at affordable prices. Be prepared to find a bargain in Brooklyn.

Later, I recommend a final stop on Bedford Avenue – the heart of Williamsburg. Start at Pema, a casualwear boutique for women. I love their fashionable jewelry and modern shoes. Then, go to Miniminimarket, a store that sells vintage-inspired clothing – everything in brand new though. They have cute dresses and tops and some hipsters-like shoes. “I love BK” tank top is a must have piece of the store. To end the tour, stop at Shoe Market on North 6th Street – a paradise for shoe lovers. The store offers functional and comfortable shoes that are also contemporary and stylish. Frye, Hunter, and Erik Michael are some of the brands carried by the retailer. Check out the brand JShoes. They have astonishing and cutting-edge sandals.

The cozy Williamsburg neighborhood is definitely a place with a lot a fashion culture, and a lot to see. The neighborhood has a strong personality, so do the boutiques. I personally love the neighborhood, and today it is my home. If you like cutting edge designers, Williamsburg is a must go destination in NYC.

For more information:

Meet the Brazilian Fashion and Its Lively Fashion Rio Designers

We live in a global economy, so does fashion. For this reason and many others, we need to pay attention to the fashion in all emerging economies, such as Brazil. I am very proud of the Brazilian fashion, of course. Growing up in a place like Brazil where the fashion culture is new was great as I could see the development of the industry, especially in the last years. Many European and American designers are going to Brazil, and many Brazilian designers are being exported to all over the world.

So let’s talk about the last fashion event that happened that just ended last week, Fashion Rio. SPFW – the main fashion event – has started today, but Fashion Rio, just finished after an amazing week of talented designers showing their Spring/Summer 2012 collections. Spring/Summer is always the best shows of the years. Brazil is known for its tropical beaches and warm weather all year. Thus, summer clothes are the designers’ specialty. Famous brands and emerging designers showed the latest summer trends in the Brazilian way. Fashion in Rio is famous for its beachwear and colorful collections. Salinas, one of my favorite Brazilian beachwear brands, brought to the runaway a classy and lively line inspired in the wonderful Rio de Janeiro. Rio is also famous for its vigorous prints, and this season was no different. Labels, such as Patachou and Acquastudio presented astonishing geometric prints; while Oestúdio chose fun ways to play with prints. Ághata preferred to work with white in its collections thinking that white is not only a big trend for the summer, but it’s also an annual trend at every Brazilian New Year’s party.  Ágatha also showed amazing crochet pieces, another tradition in the Brazilian fashion. Filhas de Gaia adopted the color-block trend, and showed many sexy cut-out dresses. Maria Bonita came with a marvelous collection with lots of silk and light colors. Super romantic, as always! Cantão – oh! How I Love this brand! – brought to the runaway pieces inspired in a playground. Cantão is famous for its urban contemporary designs that are also very classy. It reminds me Club Monaco in a colorful version. To conclude, the sophisticated beachwear line, Lenny, brought creative shapes of bikinis and chic dresses that everyone will desire to have. Brazilian fashion is lively, colorful, sophisticated, and fresh. It reflects the energy of the country, and Fashion Rio definitely reflects the liveliness of the carioca (people born in Rio).


Summer is here, so is the heat. But, do you have plans for this summer? If you still don’t have any plans, get inspired with 4 summer destinations and pick up a swimsuit to put in your suitcase. Choose Miami if you like poolside cocktails to match with your printed and lively bikinis. Go to St. Bart’s if you prefer a classy resort to relax along with a glass of champagne. If you like to party, but you also like culture, Barcelona is your destination. Take your architectural and textural crocheted swimsuit, and enjoy the city of Gaudi. Yet, there is another European destination to explore. Pick up you classy striped swimsuit and go to the famous French Riviera, a glamorously sanctuary to everyone.
That’s sound like a perfect summer vacation! It’s time to refresh yourself!   

Summer is here, so is the heat. But, do you have plans for this summer? If you still don’t have any plans, get inspired with 4 summer destinations and pick up a swimsuit to put in your suitcase. Choose Miami if you like poolside cocktails to match with your printed and lively bikinis. Go to St. Bart’s if you prefer a classy resort to relax along with a glass of champagne. If you like to party, but you also like culture, Barcelona is your destination. Take your architectural and textural crocheted swimsuit, and enjoy the city of Gaudi. Yet, there is another European destination to explore. Pick up you classy striped swimsuit and go to the famous French Riviera, a glamorously sanctuary to everyone.

That’s sound like a perfect summer vacation! It’s time to refresh yourself!   

Dark Avant-Garde: When Design Meets Gothic

Barbara Í Gongini, an emerging designer from Denmark, has calling the attention of fashionistas and contemporary boutiques from all over the world.

Gongini started her career after her graduation from Denmarks Designschool, Institute of Unica Design. Since then, she has been involved in many design related activities and has received many awards. Few years after her graduation, she launched her brand that carries her name. Based in Denmark, Barbara enjoys working with the collaboration of artists within music, photography in order to inspire her during the design inspiration process. Her goal is to keep a high level of innovation and quality in all her collections rather than high volume production.

The designer’s collections bring dark avant-garde garments with influences of Japanese designer and Gothic art. She likes to work deconstructing shapes. For this reason, her silhouettes are very urban, androgynous, futuristic and simplistic. Although her palette of colors limits to black and white, and some shades of grey, her collections are rich in shapes and textures. Her pieces are the perfect attire to the New York scene. Barbara Í Gongini produces two different women’s wear lines: I-rEgular and rEgular. I-rEgular is the artistic side of the designers, and it usually brings a variety of themes where art and design meet.  rEgular is the simplication of the other collection, the more commercial line, but this line is crucial to complete the first line.

Barbara Gongini is also well-known for her ethical fashion collections. She likes to work with natural materials, such as organic cotton and wool, lamb leather, goat skin, and fur. She also promotes recycling and fair trades, which led her to earn a nomination for the Danish Fashion Award Committee’s 2010 Ethical Award.

If you like fashion-forward designers, you need to get to know her!!!

Where to find?

re-fashion NYC

You probably thought this was another dead blog on the Internet, but you were wrong. I am sorry for my lack of time to update this blog. But don’t worry, these days will be over very soon!!! In the meantime, I want to share something very interesting that I got from my mail this week. I believe most of the New Yorkers have received the same thing, but I want to share with everyone just in case someone left it in the junk mail pile.

If you are planning to clean your closets anytime soon, do it for a good cause and for a green city. The city of New York in partnership with Housing Works developed a program to collect clothing donations in all apartment building throughout the NYC metro area. Tenants will now be able to deposit clothing or accessories in their building facilities, like they do for recycling garbage. For now, apartment buildings need to order the donation bins. It is free. Once the bin gets full, the only thing to do is calling re-fashionNYC staff to pick up the contents. The number of bins is still limited, but as the program develops, they plan to add public and private donation bins all over the city. All donations will go toward charitable causes and all fabrics and materials will be recycled.

Be the change you want to see in the world, and give your contribution. For more information go to


As you might have seen already, cut-outs have continued this spring. This trend that started on the streets is still hot among red-carpet events and runaway shows. Cut-outs are sexy, and can also boost the best features of your body. Try to wear it in your favor, and avoid pieces that show too much of your body. Cut-outs should be a gently sexy touch in your outfit, and you don’t want to look like a prostitute for sure. Cut-outs is a fashion-forward touch to your look, and an unexpected great way to show your skin this summer.


If you are a big fan of Comme des Garcons like me, you gotta go to midtown this weekend. Starting this Friday, from May 6th to May 8th, there will be a Comme des Garçons Shopping Festival at Croatian Church. This event will be a huge sample sale that will offer Comme des Garcons’ items up to 70% off. The festival will bring several collections from Comme des Garçons, Junya Watanabe, Tao, Homme Plus among many others. The collections offered are not only from this past season, but also from other famous collections with many of their most desirable items. It will also offer some vintage relics carefully preserved that have never been wore before. The event will bring new clothes every night, so you don’t need to worry about running at the first night to get the good stuff. A big party will also be going on with food vendors, and DJs spinning all day long. See below more details:

Comme des Garçons Shopping Festival

Croatian Church

504 41st Street

May 6, 7, 8 - 10am to 7pm

May 8th - 12pm - 8pm




I Don’t Like Mondays is an online fashion boutique where you can find contemporary and fashion-forward designers, such as Alexander Wang, Obesity and Speed, Jeffrey Campbell, United Nation, Melissa, among many others talented and innovative designers. The funny name of the website reflects this spirit of the millennials (aka Generation Y) – the young generation of today influenced by communication, digital technology, social media, and pop culture. The designers and brands you will find there are popular among Nylon Magazine readers. Today, it’s cool to be original, be relaxed, be an artist, be whatever you want to be, but like the website says… you should just dress to kill!

Handbags for Men: Ending this Taboo


Every woman knows what a handbag can say about them. A handbag talks about their lifestyle and even about their personality. Carrying bags that look old does not look good, and it states that woman does not pay attention to details. When it comes to men, handbags turn to be seeing as functional accessories only. Men generally carry formal and minimalistic work bags or backpacks. They avoid fashionable accessories because they don’t want to have the girly look. For casual events, such as a dinner party, or a cocktail event, they still prefer to stuff their pockets with everything they need, just because they don’t want to be seeing with a murse, man bag, guy purse, or many pack. The utterly taboo, however, is becoming an overcome issue for many open-minded men not only in European countries, but also in America, and some Asian countries. Now, it is time for you guys to pay attention to details when putting together their accessories and clothes because the bag you carry say a lot about you, especially when going to work. It is still totally acceptable to refuse girly shoulder bags with floral prints, of course. Yet, men should now consider wearing many of the fashionable styles available in the market. Forget about the old school man bags, and let’s try to find the appropriate fit for different occasion. With so many options in the market, men are now able to strap on a leather tote without fearing a compromise to their manhood.

If your everyday lifestyle involves going to the office and meeting with clients, you need to look for the business look. Messenger styles are more suitable to go to work as they are structured. Choose leather handbags and avoid the canvas college student look. Canvas bags are only suitable for casual days, such as casual Fridays or a day out at the park. The tote style is my favorite one. Its briefcase shape provides an urbane contemporary and practical look. Totes are timeless and suits with everything, especially because they are carried by the hand. Neutral colors, such as olive, tan, and dark brown, are preferable. Black bags can look too heavy with your outfit, and it seems you just chose black because you don’t know how to match your accessories with your clothes. If you want to look fashion-forward, go with brighter tones that are huge for this summer. Your work bag should be large, and deep enough to carry your papers, folder and laptops. Internal compartments are also needed to put your small items, such as pens, keys, and phone. You don’t want to through your stuff on a table just to find your pen, or even take 15 minutes to find your keys. The bag should have a light material as you will carry some heavy items. Brief cases are still classics to the office, and they give the sophisticated business look. They are also very functional since they have many different compartments. It is great for people who are not very well-organized.

Another option for less formal occasions is the camera bag. Camera bags are better suits for vacation times. This might be the reason this bag is also called tourist bag. This style has a vintage look, and it is convenient if the ones who prefer to keep their belongs organized. Choose a lightweight leather tote as you might need it to carry your big semi-professional camera. At last we have the travel bag. This is an essential element for everyman wardrobe. They are also called smart totes as they are excellent for weekend trips, or for carry on luggage. Choose bags made of canvas because the bags are already oversized bags.

Don’t be afraid of carrying your bag! Be fashionable and fashion forward!

For more information about the bags posted, please send me a message at I’ll be happy to answer you!  

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